GlenWood is a very special place located in the little-known valley of Robertsvlei.

GlenWood is a very special place. Located in the little-known valley of Robertsvlei, a few kilometres from Franschhoek, close to Cape Town, the farm is surrounded by aspects of outstanding natural beauty.

Using only the best materials and sustainable viticultural practices, we have developed the farm over the last nineteen years, winning numerous awards for our vineyards and, now, for our hand-crafted wines.

Our credo, “simple, natural, quality”, pervades our thinking across all parts of the business; simple, be it architecture, label design or the way we approach decisions; natural, be it the farming practices we use, the winemaking process itself, or the replanting of indigenous fynbos throughout the farm; quality, be it of the grapes we produce, the wines we vinify, or the human relationships we foster on and off the farm.

Our management team comprises “DP” Burger (General Manager and Winemaker), Nicky Jacobs (Farm Manager), and Susan Strauss (Health and Safety Manager).

Personal Attention Drives Glenwood Wine's Success
As a small producer, we constantly look for ways in which personal attention can positively affect the quality of our wines. Examples of these approaches are:

• Combining the roles of viticulturalist and winemaker means that all viticultural decisions are taken with the end product in mind.
• Picking in small batches which allows individual processing at the optimum time.
• Use of specialist techniques in the winery such as manual punchdowns, barrel fermentation, and specialist equipment such as peristaltic pumps, which is made possible by the small volumes.

We believe that these and other approaches are the major drivers behind our recent successes, particularly our Chardonnay, our Shiraz, and our Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc Blend.

Empowerment and Community Development at Glenwood
Empowerment at GlenWood encompasses health and safety, employment and development practices, people relationships and opportunities for economic advancement.

We have only just begun to give substance to these concepts and were therefore surprised and proud to be awarded the Farm Health Award (in the Small Farm Category), sponsored by the Rural Development Foundation, in recognition of our commitment to the development of our farm community. Empowerment and community development are high priority goals for us in order to realise the potential of a motivated and capable workforce.

GlenWood Vineyards