Robertsons Winery: Welcome to our valley

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Our Story
From its very humble beginnings in 1852, the town of Robertson has always been filled with the most generous of people. Dr William Robertson, the Scottish minister whom the town is named after, the hard-working community that tends to the wine farms and everyone else here welcomes you with arms outstretched and warm handshakes.

With the town a little more grown up by 1941, its stone church built by the community and serviced by missionaries, was no longer in use. It made the perfect place to establish Robertson Winery and was converted for winemaking and cellaring operations, involving everyone from farmers to bottlers in creating wines to share with the world.

Our Community
In a town filled with passionate people who embrace the world around them, you simply cannot have anything but a big-hearted community. This welcoming spirit is almost innate, with some of the over 35 farming families already seventh generation grape growers. Add to that the invaluable contribution of dedicated farmworkers, and their families (also from long lines of wine-farming stock), and you have a vibrant, generous community invested in the land, the town and great local wine.

Our Philosophy
We believe winemaking is a hands-on, natural process.
For us winemaking is a natural process and with the hands-on nature of life in the Robertson Valley, we see it unfold every day. From the soil it is grown in, the water that feeds the vine and the elements each harvest is exposed to, our grapes are the product of many influences before they are even turned into wine. Add the human touch to the process and the real relationship begins. It’s this collaboration between nature, workers, farmers and winemakers and the grape that already implies a product to be shared and enjoyed together.

Robertson Winery