Presently 80% of the production is red wine.

Presently 80% of the production is red wine.
The current wine compliment is:

Cabernet Sauvignon 4.0 ha
Cabernet Franc 0.5 ha
Merlot 3.0 ha
Chardonnay 1.4 ha
Sauvignon Blanc 4.0 ha

The harsh African sun requires that special attention and care be taken in managing our harvest. In order to ensure that the delicate flavours of the grapes are preserved, harvesting is only done in the early hours of the morning. The vineyards are covered in shade cloth and grapes are cooled with dry-ice until they reach the cellar.

In 1999 a modern cellar with a capacity of 180 tons was commissioned on the estate. The cellar has been especially designed to cater for the production of premium red wines.

Underground maturation cellars were also constructed to ensure optimal barrel and bottle maturation. Approximately 25 % of the estate’s production will be withheld from the market and bottle aged in our cellars.

La Couronne Wine Estate
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