The Vineyards

The grapes for Fleur du Cap are harvested from different areas in the Coastal Region. In Stellenbosch, the premier wine region of the Cape, the grapes are picked from the foothills of the Bottelary hills.

The Franschhoek Valley, where the French Huguenots settled, is not only steeped in history, but so are its vines. Many are a century old, thus imparting great depth and character to the wine. The grapes are harvested at a high altitude where they hug the cliffs and the mountain shadows.

The balance of the harvest is supplied by the Helderberg, whose vineyards are cooled by the prevailing breezes from the False Bay coast. These grapes ripen over a long period, and are brimming with full, luscious flavour. The result can be described as a journey through the summer orchards of the Cape white wines with a profusion of tropical fruit and citrus aromas that sweep across the palate, and reds that fill the mouth with wealth of berry flavours on a background of spice.

Fleur du Cap at Die Bergkelder