Johann De Wet

De Wetshof Estate
Johann de Wet from De Wetshof last week became the third member of the De Wet family to gain membership to the Commanderie de Bordeaux, the French organisation recognising members of the international wine fraternity for their contribution to promoting the culture and wine of Bordeaux.

Johann, who is responsible for marketing and vineyard management on De Wetshof, joins his father Danie and brother Peter on the South Africa chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux. During his induction the Commanderie lauded Johann’s role in helping establish the Bordeaux cultivars Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot on De Wetshof.

Together with Peter, these site-specific vineyards have allowed De Wetshof to add prestigious Bordeaux-styled red wines to the Estate’s collection of acclaimed whites as well as Pinot Noir. A life-long visitor to the chateaux of Bordeaux, Johann’s contribution in promoting the viticulture techniques and wines of the iconic French region to South African wine-lovers was also recognised.

According to Johann, Commanderie membership is a tremendous honour as it underscores the important role heritage and culture play in the world of wine.

“I have been visiting Bordeaux regularly since my primary school days and the region has played a profound role in my outlook to wine,” he says. “In Bordeaux wine is life and it is culture. As a young South African wine producer it is important to acknowledge the role Bordeaux plays in influencing winemakers, viticulturalists and wine-lovers - it certainly has made a tremendous mark on my approach to wine. To be recognised by the Commanderie of this wonderful region is an honour you thus cannot approach without a sense of true humbleness.”