Fine de Jourdan Potstill Brandy

A brilliant gold/green colour, this fiery liquid is as smooth as velvet. Fine de Jourdan is characterised by its vanilla bouquet and smoky overtones.

Can be served as a digestif, a sophisticated finale to a special occasion or fine dinner.

variety : Chardonnay | 100% Chardonnay
winery : Haute Cabrière
winemaker : Achim von Arnim
wine of origin : 
analysis : alc : 43.0 % vol  
type : Fortified  
pack : Bottle  size : 0  closure : Cork  

in the cellar : Fine de Jourdan is an extra-dry potstill brandy, distilled from the last fraction of juice from our Chardonnay grapes. The wine is distilled in a traditional copper potstill and then matured for three years in small casks of Limousin oak. The production of our Fine de Jourdan confirms our Estate's commitment to emulate the full tradition of the Champagne and therefore its packaging is in a champagne bottle with a champagne wire and cork. Currently, only two to three thousand bottles are produced per year. It is the only 100% Chardonnay potstill brandy produced in South Africa.

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