Sydney Back Brandy 15 Year

A crystal clear, lively golden amber colour. Full bodied, complex bouquet of aromatic oak, shaved and polished teak-like with walnut, floral - potpourri, spicy vanilla, sweet caramel toffee and butterscotch. Refined, subtle and delicate, with a lingering fruity aroma and dry finish.

This complex, mouth filling brandy is best enjoyed neat or with a drop of water at room temperature.

variety : Chenin Blanc | 100% Chenin Blanc
winemaker : Guillaume Nell
wine of origin : Western Cape
analysis : alc : 40.0 % vol  
type : Spirit  
pack : Bottle  closure : Cork  

ageing : 15+ years

in the vineyard : CLIMATE: Mediterranean
SOIL TYPE: Sandy clay, med yield, 225m North East elevation, also bought in
VITICULTURE8:  year old trellised vineyards
Yield: 9t/ha

in the cellar : Chenin Blanc base wine, double distilled in 60hl Alembic pot still. Aged for more than 15 years.

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Chenin Blanc