Hill & Dale Sauvignon Blanc 2002

Local only
This Sauvignon Blanc clearly portrays the true character of the variety in terms of its crisp vitality, freshness and shear drinking pleasure. All the classic varietal aromas and flavours of freshly-cut grass, gooseberries, green peppers and herbs combine with a subtle flintiness, giving the wine its youthful vibrance and fresh appeal. Served well chilled, this wine will enhance any occasion which calls for a certain vibrance and spirited youthfulness. It is well suited to seafood and cold meats. Delightful on its own.

variety : Sauvignon Blanc [ Sauvignon Blanc ]
winemaker : Guy Webber
wine of origin : Coastal
analysis : alc : 12.45 % vol  rs : 1.4 g/l  pH : 3.48  ta : 6.6 g/l  va : 0.26 g/l  so2 : 143 mg/l  fso2 : 55 mg/l  
type : White  
pack : Bottle  

ageing : Why delay the pleasure when it is right there, in the bottle, waiting to be embraced?

in the vineyard : The Hill and Dale range of wines results from careful selection and blending in order to arrive at a modern-style wine with international appeal. Quality grapes from various sites around the University Town of Stellenbosch are carefully selected for their individual traits and blended together to culminate in wines which portray the character and complexities of the district. As a result of masterly blending, these wines result in a confluence of tastes in which the sum is greater than each of the individual parts.

The sites on which the selected grapes were grown all tend to be on the cooler slopes, either facing south (away from the hot African sun) or at higher altitudes where the effects of the maritime breezes help to keep the grapes cool during their final ripening stages.

All the vines are trellised and are grown predominantly in soils of decomposed granite, although some Table Mountain sandstone is also to be found at a number of the sites. The vines are all grafted onto nematode-resistant rootstocks and are pruned and trained in such a style as to reduce the yield and thus optimize the quality of the fruit from which the wine is crafted.

about the harvest: The grapes were hand-picked between 21 and 23 degrees Balling.

in the cellar : After destalking, and crushing, the juice was immediately separated from the skins in order to prevent tannin extraction. Pure yeast cultures were inoculated into the juice in order to optimize the fermentation process at around 16 degrees Celsius which lasted for 16 days. No extended lees contact was allowed after fermentation and the wine was allowed to naturally clarify itself under gravity for approximately three months prior to being blended, filtered and bottled.

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