De Grendel Koetshuis Sauvignon Blanc 2009

The wine has a light green hue with flavours of white fruit, canned peas, asparagus and gooseberry flavours. On palate, this wine impresses with outstanding rich layered fruit and a full mouth feel.

Think summer, seafood and salads. This full bodied wine even takes on wine's so-called archnemesis - asparagus - with gusto: match with roasted asparagus served alongside pan-fried Kingklip and creamy tagliatelle. A classic pairing with goat’s milk cheese with good reason and one of the few whites that can pull off a partnership with sushi.

variety : Sauvignon Blanc [ 100% Sauvignon Blanc ]
winery : De Grendel Wines
winemaker : Charles Hopkins & Elzette du Preez
wine of origin : Coastal
analysis : alc : 14.3 % vol  rs : 2.18 g/l  pH : 3.37  ta : 8.0 g/l  va : 0.95 g/l  so2 : 103 mg/l  fso2 : 26 mg/l  
type : White  style : Dry  
pack : Bottle  closure : Screwcap  

ageing : Up to 3 Years.

in the vineyard : 2009 Vintage
We had fantastic rain showers as late as November ensuring a higher water table acting as a buffer against the high temperatures during the 2009 picking season. Due to these conditions the crop was 10 to 14 days later and 10% down in yield, but this ensured better concentration in flavours. The industry considers the 2009 harvest as one of the best vintages in terms of quality on both red and white varieties.
The De Grendel vineyards are situated 7 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, growing on slopes 200 meters above sea level. Crop yields on Sauvignon Blanc is ± 7.5 tons per hectare.
Soil Type
Well drained decomposed shale.

about the harvest: Satellite images were used to classify the vineyards according to growing patterns. Picking times were established based on analysis, phenolic ripeness and flavor compositions.

All fruit were handpicked during early morning; receiving skin contact according to ripeness and chemical compositions. Only 600 litre per ton was recovered.

in the cellar : 9 Lots were vinified individually and blended afterwards to ensure complexity and depth. One of these lots from our Koetshuis block, where soil types vary slightly, we handled different in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. This has resulted into a wine different in style than our well known De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc. We therefore decided to make an exception and bottled this wine as the "Koetshuis Sauvignon Blanc" 2009.

Three days of settling, racking and inoculation with a selected yeast culture followed. Fermentation lasted 22 days at ±13 °C and 100 days of full lees contact followed to ensure richness and a rounder mouth feel.

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